Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Blog purposes and life purposes

 I've been asked my blog purpose and that made me think of The Purpose of my Blog, which I had never thought of till then. The closest parallel I guessed would probably be The Purpose of my Life? More on that later... no, bother, I'll tell you now...
 The cult I was unfortunate enough to be born into attempted to indoctrinate me(with all the best intentions, I hope) with their idea/ideology of life's purpose. No further discussion needed. As I was a reader I was  able to turn to empirically proven knowledge to help me find this Purpose of Life and felt finally satisfied (and happy, and a heck of a lot less guilty) with biologists' answer that the purpose of life was to reproduce. Or at least have a decent attempt at it. Of course, this places no-one under any pressure or obligation to reproduce(or have a decent attempt). And of course there are certain people we certainly wouldn't want reproducing! Of course I have many other life values like Having Fun, Being Happy, Being Nice and Being HOT(Honest, Open & Transparent).

 Anyway upon thinking about this blogs' purpose, I had so many thoughts I couldn't get them all out.
One of the first was how terrific I felt. This could have been for many reasons. It felt similar to when I got the url to this blog
Its also felt great to know that my little blog can be up there to counter-act with the cults own website on Google's first page with all their fake and bogus charity and expensive Public Relations Consultants.
Of course I hoped that my little blog could do some procreating and reproducing, so I went ahead and reserved one for the next cult leader(or Man of God or the Lords Servant). I ended up reserving  three of them as obviously God hasn't yet decided between Gareth Hales, Dean Hales or John Gadsden(JGG) to replace Bruce Hales when he dies..
Also I reasoned, if I can set up a blog like this(with a few clicks from Google's homepage) maybe many more of us in fellowship, the old, the young, the busy and the bored can so easily set up a blog like this.
This blogger would feel very satisfied and happy with any copies or reproductions.
I also find it very amusing that after all the traumatic attempts to discover why my dying mother can't have a cup of tea and a chat with me and see her happy(but now shattered) grand-kids and great grandchildren I can just type my questions out to Bruce Hales, he then gets this blog printed out and handed to him. Even his Nazi-like underlings are going to be cringing. Speaking of which, here goes;

Question 1 for Bruce Hales(or John Gadsden)
  When can you repeal the family-destroying separatist doctrine as has been done for the garage door opener, owning red cars and mostly recently the computer and cellphone ban?

Question 2 for Bruce Hales(or John Gadsden)
 If you can't do anything about the unusually cruel separation doctrine and it's because of Your God's will, does this mean you are powerless to do anything to reduce the vice-like grip you have of these simple people's minds, their lives, their knowledge & education and their incomes.

Waiting in hope,
Bill Wylie

A younger looking Bruce Hales, CEO of the Plymouth Brethren (Exclusive Brethren) Christian Church Ltd.

Bruce Hales(far left) doing business

Monday, 18 November 2013

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to my very first blog. As you may discover, dear reader, I am not the most computer literate and this blog could be rather difficult for me in many ways, however I have a very important message I need to get out to people like you.
You see, I need to rescue my family from a strange religious cult. I can't do it alone and there are hundreds of thousands like me. We need your help, we really, really need your help.

So..while you are online can you please go to and type 'exclusive brethren' into the search bar.

If you can't decide which one to watch or can't be bothered looking, then click here

Till next time,
Peace and love,
Bill Wylie   :)

Some of the owners and leaders (and/or relatives) of Bruce Hales's Plymouth Brethren (Exclusive Brethren) Christian Church Ltd.